~ Building the Foundations of a well Curated Living Experience ~

These are small group classes, maximum 6 participants. 90 minute classes are 75 minutes of practice followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
The classes are good for those wanting to refresh their practice each week and/or put their private tuition into practice.


Psoas, Stability & Mobility


Learn to create a stable presence within your body. Utilize stance, alignment and build greater balance. With balance comes a stronger, healthier body, less prone to "accidents", to unexpected falls and injuries. You will release tension in certain areas of pelvic bowl while building strength in the support structures of your body. The more stable you become, the less rigid you become, the less rigid you are the more more able you are to adapt to variations in the lives we all move through.
Life is not a flat surface nor does it come perfectly measured with no bumps in the road. Learn how to feel empowered to meet these variations.
As we all age stability and mobility will be the things that keeps us living a healthy and fulfilling life.


Yin Powered


Come and explore the duality of Yin.
"Yin and yang are relative terms, not absolutes; any phenomenon can only be yin or yang by comparison with something else. We can't point to the moon and say, "The moon is yin." Compared to the sun, the moon is yin: It's cooler and less bright. But compared to the Earth (at least from our perspective), the moon is yang: brighter, higher, and more mobile." ~ Paul Grilley
In this class we will explore Yin as the relative term of the practice. We will explore the relativity of the poses Yin to their Yang counterparts. We will explore the Yin and Yang of tissues and how their edges differ.


Yin and Deep Relaxation


The essence of Yin. Release, learning when to hold on and when to let go. Letting go is always needed. Learning what it is that is worth maintaining is also required in the body and in life.
The Soma (living body) is your guide on this journey, easing it's tightly tangled roots from your mind allows you move the soil that has compacted and rutted your thought patterns and creates a fertile ground that can be nourished.

This class will offer you a space to recharge, reboot and remember that what you need inside is as important as outside.
There will be movement and breath work (somatic experience) combined with Yin and some Yoga Nidra. This practice is good for anyone and does not have limits. You can be 95 and still do this practice.




You've heard the expression Go Big or Go Home? Well this class asks you to go small and realize you are at home.. in your body.

This class will incorporate small slow movements allowing students to discover muscles that remain unused or underused and build an understanding of how to functionally utilize their anatomy. You are a student who does not like just being told what to do, you are invested in really getting to know the internal workings of your body.

The more you understand, the more you begin to function in a healthy, empowered manner, building new habits which break your brains habits.


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