This Christmas (2015) Ocean Breath Yoga has chosen to join the Granville Island Business Association to support the WISH Drop In Centre which supports sex trade workers and marginalized women of the downtown Eastside. 

I wan't to thank everyone very much for all the donations received. They were received with much gratitude by WISH.
Due to the fantastic response and enquiries as to whether people could still bring donations, myself and  Ocean Breath Yoga and Lorna with Bodacious, along with Barbara and the Granville Island Cultural Society, have all agreed to keep collecting donations, and WISH will pick them up. I will keep the list up for you to peruse.

Click here to find a full list of items that would be appreciated


·         Leggings

·         Jeans

·         Sweatpants

·         Hoodies

·         Undergarments

·         Socks

·         Purses, backpacks, any bags

·         Winter coats/rain jackets

·         Walkable and/or weather resistant shoes (boots, sneakers, flats), especially larger sizes (9+) and/or very small sizes

·         Plus sized and maternity clothing


Makeup and toiletries:

·         Cosmetics: all new and gently used, but especially foundation (preferably in a range of skin shades), concealer, black eyeliner, mascara and perfume

·         High-end or unopened items for birthday bags

·         Razors

·         Feminine hygiene (especially tampons)

·         Cosmetic applicators (cotton swabs, cosmetic rounds, makeup sponges

·         Hair brushes and appliances for styling (dryers and straighteners especially)

·         Skincare for face ( facial lotion and make remover)



·         Towels (especially bath sized)

·         Warm blankets

·         Shopping bags (plastic or cloth)

·         To-go containers, either Tupperware type or clean plastic disposable (like yogurt containers)

·         Calling cards

·         Cigarettes

·         Bus tickets