And now…..The re-creation. The last day at 1521 Foreshore Walk we created a Sea of Om’s together and farewells were shared. I would be lying if I said no tears came, but they flowed from gratitude for the many beings and moments that were shared, experienced and awakened. I laid hands on each warm post of aged cedar and thanked the fairies that laid them in my life path. I gazed to the ceiling and thanked the shimmer of reflected water flowing across the expanse. I chanted one last mantra to hear the vibration of sound echoing from each corner. I thank Ganesha for guiding me through these past 5 years of learning……and now I step with love into the next stage of growth.

Now we step into the present. A lovely space offered as a step in the direction of spending more time in Private and small group sessions, while creating the space to now spend more time outside its walls, allowing the possibility that stress,anxiety, and dis-ease release can be share with larger groups or those who ironically enough, who are too busy to come to a place of peace. There will also be more time spent within the Nature that we are a part of.

WELCOME! (from Wilcuman: Wil = will or desire Cuman = To come……..It is desired that you come……You are a desired guest)

We will, all of us shift and grow with each passing week, teacher and student alike. Embrace these changes and each new insight. 
If you feel drawn to join this journey, come in, be safe, be open, make new friends, learn about yourself; body, heart and mind  and know that this space, or any space you choose is held safe for you .....oh yes.......and don't be afraid to laugh out loud every now and then, and maybe even sing and cry!

This is a practice of connection. Slowing down, experiencing ourselves and each other on every level. Getting to know the bodies we inhabit, the minds that try to rule our moments and letting the breath be our most intimate guide.
What you will begin to “remember”?

  • connection, to the breath, body, mind, heart and each other is available to anyone and it is this that will create our greatest shifts in reality.

  • slowing down enough to hear our hearts, while asking our minds to stop rushing to judgement, may take us on a very worthwhile journey.

  • if we let go of fearing all things - what we might not be able to do, what we think we may never have - we may be very surprised with what we can do and what we do have in abundance.

  • twisting yourself in knots (literally and figuratively) will not make you a yogi, in fact it is usually the smallest movement, the most unaligned limb, the tiniest moment that will sometimes connect you to the understanding you are unique and individual and also a part of everything.

  • the flames of our practice can be created internally, from reclaiming the breath, to stoking the fire in our bellies for something more than getting by.

The idea that no matter what,........ we are Perfect in this moment because this is the only moment that matters and who we show up as in this moment matters.. !!!

With Gratitude, Beverly
Ocean Breath

Great things never come from comfort zones.
— Unknown