Ocean Breath Yoga, was born out of a desire to come back to the idea of yoga which inspired me on my journey.
The idea that:

  • connection, to breath,body, mind, heart and each other is available to everyone and will provide us our greatest power.

  • slowing down to hear our hearts instead of our minds all the time, may take us on a very worthwhile journey.

  • if we let go of the fear of all the things we might not be able to do or have we may surprise ourselves with what we can do and what we do have.

  • you don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel to be a yogi (although you can if it feels good).

  • the heat of our practice can be created internally, through finding our energetic core.


The idea that no matter what,........ we are Perfect in this moment because this is the only moment that matters and who we are in this moment matters.. 

This space called to my heart and the universe handed her over with trust that I would stay true to what I believe. On New Years Day 2015 I was handed the keys and so it started.
Hard work brought her back to her soul and she is open to anyone who feels her beauty and energy (Yes it's a she).The classes here are guided from the heart, followed just as strongly by skill.

We will, all of us shift and grow with each passing day teacher and student alike. Embrace these changes and each new insight. If you feel drawn to join this journey, come in, be safe, be open, make new friends, learn about yourself; body, heart and mind  and know that we hold this space for you .....oh yes.......and don't be afraid to laugh out loud every now and then, maybe even sing and cry!

The studio stands on the quiet edge of Granville Island. Her full wall of windows gaze out like open eyes, to the grass, the water and boats the sky and each sunset. One day while strolling the quiet spaces of GI, I saw what would become the studio. Her windows were layered in vinyl, and peering through the front door revealed junk stored to the 15 foot high ceiling, freezers, computers an under everything a blue and white tiled floor. I turned around on the little patio and gazed out to the reflected light on the water and said out loud “what a waste of space”. Two days later I took a stroll down the same path and there she was with new addition….a For Lease sign.
Keys were received on New Years Eve, a time of new beginnings and nourishing our hearts intentions. Now, 5 years later, the studio has moved past infanthood, made her playful way through childhood, dashed through teenhood exploring her identity and is now a young adult with life and all its possibilities open to her. She has a strong sense of identity and although open to all new experiences she is secure in knowing what she is here for. She embraces everyone with care and like all true friends welcomes you in whether it is every day or once a year. She has no requirements, and is simply joyful for your company whenever it can happen.

Ocean Breath is a boutique style studio. It Celebrates the fact that classes are small and intimate, by choice. This enables each student to find the practice that serves them because each of you is so wonderfully unique.
100+ year old cedar beams and posts were hand scraped back their original wood grain warmth. Maple floor sheds a warm hue whenever the sun touches it. Windows that fill the whole front wall gaze out past our little patio to the water and boats. In the warm seasons, the open door and windows let soft breezes in along with the sound of seagulls, geese and the occasional heron. Sometimes finches and hummingbirds grace the doorway. Warm sun and beautiful sunsets add to the magic. In the cooler seasons, we close the thick curtains, turn on the salt lamps, turn down the dimmer and get cozy with Indian cotton and wool blankets, while the darkness of short and rainy days allows the opportunity to slow down.

Mats are provided, just please give them a wipe down at the end of class. As well you will find bolsters, chip foam blocks, 3 and 4 inch bricks, straps, blankets, and a variety of other surprise tools for practice. There are chairs for the days you don’t feel like making your way to the ground and fellow students who are always willing to share.

There are no Groupons needed here as no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.  What we do ask in return is that if you can afford the classes, please recognize the value in a studio that honours quality over quantity. I personally will never give anything less than 100% of what I am able.

What we have to share with you, is this;

  • Guaranteed small group classes allowing student and teacher the ability to work together from an informed and understanding place.

  • Classes that limit numbers to allow for caring, quality teaching. Maximum 10 students, For the most part 8 or less.

  • Teachers who spend much of their personal time (and income) continually training with their teachers in order to always assist you and themselves grow.

  • Respect for each individual, your beliefs and journeys. This is the gentle swing of the pendulum back to center, returning from yoga as a fitness fad to a full physical, emotional, energetic alignment.

  • A place where you can be exactly who you are and let life in.

With Gratitude, Beverly and Ocean Breath Yoga