All things change and so has the studio. It is knowing when to ungrasp so that one can move more easily into the present that allows growth and possibility.
The studio that was, was a gift and a place that will always hold space in my heart so rather than pretend she never existed below you can read her story…..then let go and see what comes after…….

The studio stood on the quiet edge of Granville Island. Her full wall of windows gaze out like open eyes, to the grass, the water and boats the sky and each sunset. One day while strolling the quiet spaces of GI, I saw what would become the studio. Her windows were layered in vinyl. I peered through the front door and what was revealed was junk stored to the 15 foot high ceiling, freezers, computers and under it all a blue and white tiled floor. I turned around on the little patio and gazed out to the reflected light on the water and said out loud to the air “what a waste of space”. Two days later I took a stroll down the same path and there she was with a new addition….a For Lease sign.
The Universe had offered up the challenge….”if it is a waste of space what are you going to do about it?”
Keys were received on New Years Eve, a time of new beginnings and nourishing our hearts intentions. Now, 5 years later, the studio moved past infanthood, made her playful way through childhood, dashed through teenhood exploring her identity and is a young adult with life and all its possibilities open to her it was time to set her free for her next taste of life. She grew a strong sense of identity and although open to all new experiences she was always secure in knowing what she was there for. She embraced everyone with care and like all true friends welcomed you in whether it was every day or once a year. She had no requirements, and was simply joyful for your company whenever it happened.
I understood her…this soul disguised as a studio. Part of something larger but every day remembering and standing in her own identity, so unlike the boating brokers that surrounded her yet sharing a common foundation. Her cedar posts created of something so ancient, yet were a part of something so new within the framework of how she now exists, scraped clean of everything that contained them. The truth of all the old scars and knicks created the beauty of her body.
Each time her door opened it was if a sigh escaped her lungs and an ease arrived in that moment between arrival and departure.
It was not an easy decision to part company with her, but like everything we must know when to let go. Grasping only causes difficulty. Understanding that her life and mine had separate paths but we would always be connected is the thing that allows life to flow.
See her lessons keep sharing forward. :-)

Om Nama Shivaya, Om Shakti Ma

I will see you in the new space.

With Gratitude, Beverly
Ocean Breath Yoga and Movement