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There are many reasons that make having a Yoga Studio on Granville Island a joy. Much of that has to do with the energy of the people I am surrounded by. The creativity and drive of the local designers, artists, innovators and small business owners that have chosen to embrace the community of Granville Island is inspiring on a daily basis. These are people determined to follow their hearts and their gifts no matter the effort it takes to sustain local, unique and thoughtful businesses.

Inspiration: a sudden feeling of enthusiasm [Greek EN (one with) THEOS (the divine)], or a new idea that helps you to do or create something
Inspiration: the drawing in of breath; inhalation (in most cultures the inhalation/inspiration is considered a connection to the divine)

Despite our endless limitations, it seems that the qualities of attention, risk, and compassion allow us to be at one with the energy of the Whole and the result is enthusiasm, that deep sensation of Oneness. ~ Mark Nepo


This is my experience of Granville Island. People who understand there are limitations but move beyond the fear of risk, their attention centered, and from this comes a connection which creates the "Whole" that is Granville Island.

Instead of focusing on a few I would like to share the idea of the whole. 
Maritime Market: Not only is this the home of Ocean Breath Yoga it is the home of numerous boat charter companies, fishing charters, fish sellers, whale watching, sailing schools, Pirates ;-), boat repair and service, clothing (Strub), 10000 Villages, Peruvian treasures and if you venture up stairways beyond your discomfort of the unknown, you will find, artists, publishers, travel companies and many unsung surprises.
Net Loft: Here you will find local clothing stores filled with handmade magic created here in Vancouver, Organic hand dyed and printed linens, baby clothing, hats, kitchenware, artisans of many variety and beautiful paper and tools for the avid writer, on the periphery, everything from world instruments to wine and textiles and organic local made paint.
Public Market: This is a joyous swirl of food of every variety, some for immediate enjoyment some to fill your cupboards and fridges. Alongside are innumerable artisans of every variety and 2 wonderful flower shops each with their own heart.
CreekHouse: Theaters act as a midpoint. Home of Rogers chocolates, artists galleries, restaurants, pubs, ice cream, an amazing and magical general store, and clothing for the bodacious bodied, silk weavers in action, and handmade soap to make everyone happy. Be sure to wander down every little passageway so you don't miss a may even find Dragons.
Ocean Concrete: Take a moment to then wander by Ocean Concrete, one of the originals of Granville Island and one of it's biggest supporters. Dedicated not just to providing building materials but to creating, innovating and being part of a building a thriving culture.
Emily Carr: Last chance to check out all the wonderful things the students of Emily Carr create. This is their last year as part of Granville Island. They will be missed. right across the street you will find Opus Art and Framing. You need something to let your ideas come to life? They probably have it. Or step behind the school to discover the Aboriginal Friendship center and the Floating homes of Sea Village. Stick to the walkway here and you will find yourself next at....
Granville Island Hotel: also the home of Pelican Bay marina fantastic restaurant and lounge and another involved and inspired member and supporter of the entire Granville Island community.
To the south is Ron Basford Park a beautiful little spot to sit and meditate and have your lunch. Point yourself west and find the BC artists gallery, coffee roasters, wood carvers and print makers.
RailSpur Alley: is down the center of the island, pointing west past the little swing park. In the park find the little book sharing house. Drop off some books, find a book or simply enjoy the peace. Continue on and find Sake makers, leather art, wood, iron, painters, felt makers, jewelers and wonderful food at Off the Tracks. What more could you want? On the periphery of this center point you will find broom makers, gin creators, set builders and the always fantastic Gallery of BC ceramics. glass blowers and apron makers (yup!).
Cartwright Street: Cartwright is to the south of RailSpur. Performance Works, metal artisans, Arts Umbrella, Painters, Community Center, tennis courts, rowing docks, Kids water park, Artists Gallery, Graphic printer, Kids Market and locally made Pet Food along with Restaurant, Brewery, duck pond and Crystal Gallery are some of the magic you will find.

Rule of thumb. If it looks like somewhere you are not sure you should go....GO! this is where the magic lies. If you are unsure....ASK. Everyone would love to help you. If you need it....You will probably be able to find it.
If it is created locally, please be respectful and do't expect it to be cheap. Most people here pour their heart and soul into what they create and could charge far more for what they are creating. I see the work they put in to trying to create things that matter and embrace a balanced world. Their time and intention are valuable.

What you find here is unique (including your yoga ;-) ) Be inspired and embrace this gem in our city with Enthusiasm.


For more detailed exploration go here Granville Island

“Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, l started smiling too. I passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin, When he smiled l realized, l’d passed it on to him. l thought about that smile, then l realized it’s worth. A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected, let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!” ~ Author Unknown