The Gift of Story

Story is the thing that connects us. It is the way we pass our lessons forward, it is how we express our passions and spread knowledge, connect community in shared purpose. It requires us to find our voices and allow them to be heard.
What we hear and see, smell, taste and touch as we move through each experience of life helps shape and create our memories. Those memories, fertilized by life become gifts that each of us can choose to share. Whether through writing, speaking, physically expressing or showing in an art form, finding a way to gift others our stories is the way to offer a way into the future.

Learning to Tell Your Stories

In order to tell your story you must first find your voice. Workshops and classes in storytelling will first guide you to your breath and how to use your breath to express through voice.
You will then connect with the Mind Body where you hold your memories and learn to draw out those moments that were the roots of learning and inspiration.
There will be journalling and sharing.
All programs will also have a physical component. Finding ease in the body allows you to flow more easily into yoru stories. Instead of getting stuck in the past you can now use the the past to aid you into your now.

Stories Coming Soon……….