By phone

If you are wanting to inquire about studio rentals, booking for private events or need help finding us you can call   778 230 4019.

The ringer will be off during studio hours to ensure no disruption of contemplative time prior to, during, or after classes. I will return calls outside student hours.

Any calls after 7:00 pm will be returned the next day as time allows, unless it is an emergency or extremely urgent. If you do not get a response right away, be assured you will, but yoga time is the first priority. If it has been a number of hours, please if possible also send an email it can sometimes be easier to answer an email. Thank you so much.

Sundays and Mondays are urgent calls only please.


in person

By Bus: Take the number 15 South on Cambie St. Get off at the 22nd Ave. stop. Go East blocks, turn left then either come right down the alley or right down 23rd. The door is at the back
#25 from either east or west. Get off at any stop close to Heather or Ash and head north 2 blocks to 23rd. 649 is halfway between Ash and Heather on the north side of the street. Come down the path to the side of the building.
Other routes are the # 33 on Cambie from either South Van or UBC.
The Canada Line also lets off at the corner of King Ed and Cambie. follow the instructions above.

By Car*: 651 23rd ave is north of King Edward and West of Cambie Street.
You can park on Ash and come down the Alleyway or park on 23rd. Parts of the street sy resident only. Residents aren’t too fussed about this.
There is NO parking in the alley.

By Bicycle: Same instructions as any of the above. Heather is a dedicated bicycle route. Nearby are Nanton, Yukon and 29th.

By email

If you have any questions about yoga, private classes, teacher training, retreats or general information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. There are no stupid questions and I give no guarantees I have all the answers. But asking is the first step to figuring something out. 


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You can add a phone number if you would prefer to be called. Only local numbers

Call (778 )230-4019 if you need to talk to someone, this can be slower as classes and students take priority over the phone.