By phone

If you are wanting to inquire about studio rentals, booking for private events or need help finding us you can call   778 230 4019.

The ringer will be off during studio hours to ensure no disruption of contemplative time prior to, during, or after classes. I will return calls outside teaching hours.

Any calls after 7:00 pm will be returned the next day as time allows, unless it is an emergency or extremely urgent. If you do not get a response right away, be assured you will, but yoga time is the first priority. Most information can be found on the website. Thank you so much.

Sundays and Mondays are urgent calls only please.


in person

By Bus and/or Foot: Take the number 50 to Granville Island. Walk over the little bridge to the Island and take the first immediate left @ the Vancouver Fish Company Restaurant. Walk down the boardwalk until you reach the paving stones. Look for us facing the kayak racks.

By Car*: Drive onto the Island (you can only go one direction) so circle until close to the end you see a small side street called Mast Tower Road. This is where you will find shops like Lobster Man, Pirate Adventures and Coopers Sailing. After you park, walk towards the marina and turn left. We are 3 doors in facing the kayak racks. (*Please note the Granville Island parking regulations. "Free parking stalls are available and vehicles are limited to occupy one stall, once per day, and subject to the maximum posted time limit, regardless of the amount of time actually parked in the chosen stall (i.e., 1 minute to 60/180 minutes).  When the posted time limit is reached, or you move your vehicle, should you require additional parking during the same day, your vehicle must be parked in a pay parking stall in order to avoid receiving a violation notice. Free Parking restrictions are strictly enforced from 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week. As per the maximum posted time limit of either 1 or 3 hours, free parking is not cumulative throughout the day and is effective once your vehicle is parked. You are not permitted to move to another designated free stall on Granville Island at any other time throughout the day. You may move to any of the designated pay stalls.) After 7 pm all parking is open and time restrictions end until 7 am."

By Bicycle: Same instructions as any of the above. You will find wonderful, full size bike racks at the top of Mast Tower Road. Bring a good lock. During the daytime please utilize the bike racks. Locking them in front of the the studio stairs or other businesses can cause a hazard and or impede foot traffic. For later evening classes feel free to bring your bike to lock in front of the studio. Please also note that during the warmer months there is a bike valet available by Ocean Concrete.

By Boat: (Everything is possible!) Free docking outside the public market where the Aqua Bus docks. :) 3 Hours. As well, you can use False Creek Ferries or Aqua Bus. If you happen to Kayak or Paddleboard (SUP), paddle your way around the west side of the island to the marina at the back. There is a little beach and stairs you can use to head up to the studio. Plan for tide changes. 

By email

If you have any questions about yoga, private classes, teacher training, retreats or general information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. There are no stupid questions and I give no guarantees I have all the answers. But asking is the first step to figuring something out. 


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Call (778 )230-4019 if you need to talk to someone, this can be slower as classes and students take priority over the phone.