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 Posture and Breath Education


Learn Healthy Posture and Breath

Not too many months after my mother’s breast cancer operation and treatment we were walking down the street and she said to me “I am shrinking”.
I turned to watch her walk and what I saw was someone who had fallen into the habit of protecting the right side of her chest by hunching her shoulder forward and keeping her arm rolled in. This had begun to stoop her and she was now leading her whole walk with her head.
I let her know that there was no known (that I know of) case of a human being shrinking. It was time for her to stop letting the fear of exposing her chest take away her chance for a continued fulfilled life.

Whether you have teenagers who are suffering the stoop of many hours online (tech neck), or
you have an office full of people sitting at computers or
you don’t remember the last time you felt a good deep breath this is for you.
Any age, you are never too young or old to get to know your body, but whatever your age….want more for yourself and anyone you care about.

The Program:

Having a posture that supports the structures of the body rather than straining against them will change your experience of daily living.


Do you experience:

  • A sore jaw? Headaches?

  • Sore to painful shoulders?

  • Continual knots behind your shoulder blades? Tightness at your mid-back?

  • Pain through your upper arms?

  • Sore or painful lower back?

  • Aching hips?

  • Pain in your knees and/or ankles?

  • Constantly tired and stressed?

  • Poor sleep?

  • Always tired throughout the day?

  • ………


What do you recognize from your day?

  • Sitting all day?

  • Standing all day?

  • Working on a computer?

  • Using cell phones and tech equipment?

  • Ageing?

  • Old Injuries?

  • Hunched shoulders?

  • Sore feet? Walking “hard”?

  • Have trouble taking stairs?

  • ……….

As you can see from the above, learning to find a strong and supportive posture and learning to breathe is not something for a small portion of the population, this is for everyone. When you were a child, most likely no one told you why it was important to stand up straight, they simply told you to do it. Or if you were working hard or upset they told you to Just breathe! What they didn’t explain was why a strong posture or breath was important.
Their statements don’t tell you what, why, how. If you don’t know what straight really is for you, if no one ever explained why and how it will change your health, if no one ever explained how to utilize your tissues or create a stress reducing breath how are you to know what to adjust?
This isn’t just a curiosity moment. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING! And it doesn’t take years to repattern your habitual patterns.
Once your body realizes how much better it feels when it is functioning optimally it will be hard to go back.

  • If you stand in your body’s best posture you will breathe better.

  • If you breathe better your body will not be under as much stress

  • If your body is under less stress the nervous system will begin to message your brain that it can relax

  • If your brain gets the message it will start conversing with the whole of your body sharing the message with fascia, connective tissues, muscles, organs and glands

  • When all these areas of your being wake up and realize they aren’t under attack all day there is very clear change in your daily life.

    Less Reactive, Stress Reduced, Less Pain, Better Quality of Sleep, More Productive at Work, Lowered Health Costs