for yoga teachers


WELL DONE! YOU ARE A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER.... DO YOU FEEL unsure? Can't Find your voice? aren't sure what is next? Want to Keep growing? or feel stagnant and need a refresh?

You found a program to guide you on your way to becoming a yoga teacher so you could follow your passion and share it with others. Now you are out there teaching or trying to teach and you are feeling nervous, unsure, questioning your abilities or having trouble negotiating classes filled with every level of student.
Or you have been teaching for years but you may lost your true voice as a teacher or how to connect your students to a worthwhile practice that fits their bodies, minds and lives. Maybe you trained a few years ago and now are ready to teach but need to refresh your abilities.

Many questions and needs can and will arise. This mentoring program will help guide you through the obstacles on this journey. You will be provided with personal support focused on allowing you to clearly form your goals and priorities as a teacher. You will strengthen or add to your knowledge in a number of areas which will allow you to grow in confidence and ability. You will do this working with an Experienced Teacher (ERYT 500) who is invested in supporting you through the full spectrum of this journey. Beverly Akhurst has over 6,000 hours of teaching experience, and is herself always training in order to find the best ways to guide and assist her students. She has been called "a teachers teacher", "a teacher who is able to read a students body in depth" and "provide classes that engage, and involve students in all aspects of their practice while making it accessible to every level of practitioner".

Possible areas of mentoring but not all:

  • Learn to use your unique voice as a teacher

  • Build confidence in guiding all levels of student

  • Clarify your interests in being a teacher and what you want to share with others (i.e you don't need to be something for everyone but the right thing for some)

  • Giving verbal and physical assists

  • A deeper awareness of the physical body and how it moves and works so that you can confidently teach and guide.

  • How to cue movement and poses so that it makes sense to your students

  • How to find work as a yoga teacher

  • Clarity on the business and ethics of yoga

The program includes the following:

- 5 one on one in person sessions  
- 5 studio classes with Beverly
- 2 one on one online sessions
- support and planning
- email check ins on a weekly basis over the course of the program.
- continuing encouragement and support

Mentor Program as described above:

$795.00 + GST (discounted $35 if paid in full = $760 + GST)

Payment plan available in 2 or 3 payments (2 x $397.50 + tax  or  3 x $265 + tax)

OR create your own program.

Call Beverly @ Ocean Breath Yoga 778 230 4019 or email the studio
and we can discuss whether this is a good fit for you.

We work so hard to get somewhere, to realize a dream, to arrive at some destination, that we often forget that though some satisfaction may be waiting at the end of our endurance and effort, there is great and irreplaceable aliveness in the steps along the way.
— Mark Nepo