Upcoming Retreats


Nature As Nurturer:
Spring Forward in Rhythm with Nature

March 8-11, 2019

March is the time Nature bursts forward in true living colour. Growth and Renewal are her birthright, every creature and plant vibrates with the possibility of new life. Our external clocks are set to Spring Forward a concept built on making the most of the light of day and yet our internal clocks become bogged down with the habits of each day. Take this time to allow Nature to set the pace. Feel time stretch out and soften and experience your body tune into to Nature’s rhythm.

Be-You-ti-Ful You:
Retreat and Reconnect
(For Women)

July 11-14, 2019

This retreat is a coming together of women to gather and celebrate the beauty of our internal and mental beings and how when harnessed and reconnected to nature herself we all stand in our power and grace.

This retreat will gift you time reconnecting to nature (inner and outer).
Let your mind (Buddhi) soften while the grace of your feminine divine finds its power through sound, breath, movement and stillness.

Through The Rainbow:
The Colour of Life
(For Women)

October 31-November 3, 2019

The time of Oct. 31st (Hallowe’en) and November 1st and 2nd (Day of the Dead) is a time to acknowledge and celebrate those times, people and things of life that have shaped us and to allow that “death” of these things is not an ending but a chance for new life.

When you move Through the Rainbow you cannot help but be changed. Reflected and Refracted find the colour of life within each breath we take.