Yin Powered


Yin Powered


Yin is not synonymous with slow. It can be relative to Yang (hard, warmer, more present…) Each day each moment asks us to move between the 2 and find balance. As Fall approaches the focus of Yin moves and shifts. We get closer to the balance of light and dark not just within the hours of our day but also within our practice.

90 Minutes, @ 9:30 am Fridays

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Come and explore the duality of Yin.
"Yin and yang are relative terms, not absolutes; any phenomenon can only be yin or yang by comparison with something else. We can't point to the moon and say, "The moon is yin." Compared to the sun, the moon is yin: It's cooler and less bright. But compared to the Earth (at least from our perspective), the moon is yang: brighter, higher, and more mobile." ~ Paul Grilley
In this class we will explore Yin as the relative term of the practice. We will explore the relativity of the poses Yin to their Yang counterparts. We will explore the Yin and Yang of tissues and how their edges differ. This practice will become more "Yang" as the season changes to a more Yin like quality.
Open to all levels of student. Be ready for all possibilities.

7 Class Series Maximum 8 students
Fridays 10 - 11:15 am