This class is a mix of QiGong mixed with Yin, led by Ara Cusack (trained in Medical QiGong)
These classes are run in monthly segments, based on Ara’s availability.
November 4 Classes
December TBD

75 minute class Thursdays @ 10am

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Join Ara in learning how to connect to your own energy body.  Both Western & Eastern practitioners agree that there is an energy system used to communicate within but rarely do we give ourselves the time to slow down and experience the flow on the inside. 

This series will teach you how to connect to your own inner energetic landscape through movement, breath and meditation.  We’ll care for all our layers of being using the gentle flowing movements of Qigong and the quiet poses of Yin.
Number of classes vary each month depending on Ara's external training schedule.
(Ara was one of my teachers and I have always and still do, love her classes because of the calm energy and intelligent consideration given to how to share with all bodies. The addition of her medical qigong training mixed with Yin is a fantastic melding of the 2 practices that just makes sense and feels good. I love this class! ~ Beverly)

Kundalichi is a melding of Kundalini and Qi practices.
Kundalini has an effect of raising energy. We need to wake up this possibility within us, but at the same time, we as North Americans are surrounded by frenetic energy.
If energy is raised and you have not yet created the skills to focus and control that energy, the benefits if a Kundalini practice could be lost within the overly intense after effects of raised energy that has no focus.
The addition of Chi awareness and learning to bring the energy back to ones center allows the practitioner to walk away from the practice alive yet not overwhelmed by reaction to their senses.

Runs on the Thursdays when Ara is not holding a QiGong/Yin practice.
Drop Ins $25 + GST