Psoas Mobility/Pelvic Power

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Psoas Mobility/Pelvic Power


Learn what your psoas are how important your psoas are to your bodies health and stability. It is very closely connected to and impacts the ability to use and be empowered within the pelvic region.

LATE SPRING Session May/June
4 classes only April 24th, May 1st, 15th and 29th.
75 minute class, Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am

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The Psoas are the only muscles connecting the lower body to the upper body, and they are one of the largest, yet one of the least talked about muscles. They tend to lose  "celebrity status" to muscles such as hamstrings, gluteous and abdominal muscles.

This class explores the Psoas and how it affects aspects of a functional body.
The Psoas when "overused or never used" will have an effect on the structural alignment of the musculo-skeletal system, will affect the nervous system and the messages the CNS relays to your brain, and can have a secondary effect on your breath, hormones and even organ function.

In this series we will flow through slow, gentle Yin poses combined with some restorative hold, flowing movement and will add in strengthening practices for weakened and tired tissues once they have hydrated and softened.
Learn to use this muscle group not as your primary stabilizer but as the secondary support structure it was meant to be for a well aligned skeletal system.

Open to all levels of student. Be ready for changes on all levels.
Explore how to utilize and release the pelvic floor region to assist the Psoas through your life.