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Glaciers move slowly…almost imperceptibly, but within that movement comes great power. This class will offer you the same opportunity to understand that when you slow down you can connect to your greatest power.

LATE SPRING Session April 22nd to June 16th
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90 minute class Saturdays @ 10 am.

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You've heard the expression Go Big or Go Home? Well this class asks you to go small and realize you are at home.. in your body.
This class will incorporate small slow movements allowing students to discover muscles that remain unused or underused and build an understanding of how to functionally utilize their anatomy. You are a student who does not like just being told what to do, you are invested in really getting to know the internal workings of your body.
The more you understand, the more you begin to function in a healthy, empowered manner, building new habits which break your brains habits.
This class is part workshop part self exploration and many small discoveries.