Ease Into Evening - 4 Class Series


Ease Into Evening - 4 Class Series

from 92.00

A Yin and Deep relaxation based class. Focus on COnnective tissue, Breath, Stress Release and Mindfulness.

September and October 4 classes each month or all 8 classes through the Late Summer/Fall Session.
75 minute class @ 8:00 pm Tuesdays

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As summer winds down and Fall enters our hearts and days end your workday with time dedicated to yourself and tending to everything that took root through the summer. This time of year is about connecting to what you have created in the last few months that nourishes you and taking time to then let go of everything else. This is the essence of Yin.

Release, learning when to hold on and when to release. Letting go is always needed. Learning what it is that is worth maintaining is also needed. The Soma (living body) is your guide on this journey, easing it's tightly tangled roots from your mind allows you move the soil that has compacted and rutted your thought patterns and creates a fertile ground that can be nourished. This class will offer you a space to recharge, reboot and remember that what you need inside is as important as outside. There will be movement and breath work (somatic experience) combined with Yin and some Yoga Nidra. This practice is good for anyone and does not have limits.

You can be 95 and still do this practice. (If you are pregnant and in your 3rd trimester talk to your doctor, deep stretches will be part of this practice and may not be what you and your baby need at this time.)