5 Class Pass


5 Class Pass


5 Class Passes
Good for regular classes. Not to be used for workshops and specialty classes.

All classes are unique and incorporate all forms and styles of Yoga. They also consider the Somatic and Fascial Body. Mantra, mudra, movement, mindfulness……it is all possible.

* 5 Class Passes must be used within months of purchase. Not extendable.

“Life is like riding a bicycle…you don’t fall off unless you stop pedalling.” ~ Claude Pepper

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Prices shown are for the entire class series and/or the full passes.
Please check the class description to see how many classes there are for each individual program and which dates do not have a class. You are responsible to know the schedule.

Once the class you are interested in has already started you can still register if it is not full. (Prices will be prorated at the studio only at that time)

A few of the classes may be available to book for half the sessions. Check at studio.

*If you do not see the Class you are interested in you may find it under the workshop series.

All Passes are non-transferable. They all expire at the end of each session for which they were purchased. 
Each Class Series finishes at the end of a 2 month session and a new session starts with new sign ups.
This applies to 5 Class and Unlimited Passes. 
5 Class Passes can be extended 2 weeks by purchasing a $20 extension in studio as long as it is purchased prior to the expiry of the pass.

*Specialty classes and workshops (i.e Yoga Nidra, Learn to Walk Workshop, Restorative) are at additional cost. Unlimited Pass holders receive 10% off workshops run by Beverly Akhurst
Ocean Breath Yoga holds the right to provide a teacher sub or cancel a class at any time due to holidays, a teacher being sick/away or attendance does not make it viable. If you are registered you will be welcomed to another class on the schedule. Please check the online schedule prior to attending class.