Our bodies are works of art! Every cell lovingly created to spin and swirl through the choreography that is each unique life. When you find yourself so habituated to this body that you forget the beauty and uniqueness of this art, come closer, find the smallest detail and see a universe unfold. Then, stand back breathe deeply and the masterpiece will become clear.”
— Beverly Akhurst

Owner and Founder of Ocean Breath Yoga,
Breath, Movement and Posture Educator

Like many, Beverly was drawn to Yoga via the idea that she needed to get a good stretch when rollerblading 20 km each day to work during a transit strike. She very quickly began to understand that the Yoga was not the “stretches” but what happened as she breathed and moved and aligned her intentions with her cellular being. As Beverly’s practice brought her closer to a full and intimate understanding of the self beyond simply the physical body, she chose, in her early 40’s, to step into her purpose for this lifetime. Using her life experiences such as asthma, heart arrhythmia and tachycardia, shredded shoulder muscles, fractured wrist ligament, pelvic displacement, 2 parents with individual cancer struggles and a 5 years journey of perimenopause symptoms she serves as a Guide, Teacher and Coach, encouraging others to access a healthier, more empowered existence.  Every year she grows and changes, adding to her knowledge base and empathic abilities. The goal - to share what she continues to learn with as many people as are ready to experience themselves, learning to live, rather than to just make it through another day.

Starting with a basic 200 Hour Hatha based training in 2010 after 15 years of practice, she started teaching and from there became a certified Yin, Nidra, Kundalini, Bhakti, and Prenatal trained teacher. She studies the Vedas (the philosophy that all of Yoga is based on…basically how to live within and connected to nature). Influenced by Somatics and the study of connective tissues and the fascial body, Beverly’s teaching asks people to slow down and truly learn to value this life they are moving through through. In doing this, they will allow more opportunity to experience moments that are not ruled by external reactions, but instead are free of stress. The belief that they must have or be or do something in order to be worthwhile begins to retreat to the fantasy world that it came from.
Her form of guidance cannot be categorized into any one box (much like life). It focuses on the release of stress and anxiety with the awareness of how the physical body is intimately connected with the energetic, mental and sense body. She is grounded in technical knowledge with a deep empathic understanding of each individual she works with. Some of her students have nicknamed her the Body Whisperer.
In a world that encourages us to shut down and tune out, she instead asks you to tune in, open up, and experience this life as it was meant to be experienced, like a play. Become your own director, producer and lead.

The practices you will learn do not require you have a mat or twist yourself in knots. They are practical, life changing practices that are accessible to nearly any age, shape, ability and body type. Maybe you struggle with anxiety, for you the unexpected assist may be reorganizing your posture so there is less stress on your tissues and nervous system. Maybe you are always tripping on things, for you it might be slowness and breath rather than balance. No two people have the same reasons for similar responses. What is it that you require?
Improve your wellbeing, find more peace and be able to arrive in any Yoga studio and understand your body enough so you may be empowered to follow your practice as befits your needs, your life and your heart.

Available for Wellbeing Conferences, Corporate events, conferences and wellness programs, Teacher Pro-D Days, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Private Coaching and Retreats.

“Remember… it will always be a practice so enjoy learning from the imperfection of everything.” Beverly


My Guides:

Thank you to all my teachers. (Which also means deep gratitude to all their teachers before them)
The teachers of greatest influence and heart:
Jeffrey Armstrong, Max Strom, Saul David Raye, Bernie Clark and Janet Stone  
Paul and Suzie Grilley, Gil Hedley, Mark Whitwell, Rolf Gates, Mark Nepo
Special Recognition for teachings and guidance from:
Kia Miller, Dawn Cartwright, Seane Corn, Dr. Ray Long, Rod Stryker, James Bailey, Jennica Mills, Niki Doane, Gahl Sasson,Shiva Rea, Gurumukh Kaur Khalsa. 
(Online and by book Donna Farhi, Judith Hansen Lassiter, Sally Kempton and Anodhea Judith, amazing teachers I hope one day to spend time with)

Further Inspiration:

The music and Mantra of Krishna Das, Deva Premal and Jai Uttal
Diana Beresford Kroeger, Botanist, last of a lineage of Druids, Author
Mark Matousek, Author of “Writing to Awaken”
Stephen Jenkinson, Author of “Come of Age: The Case For Elderhood In a Time of Trouble” and performer of Orphan Wisdom

”Everyone I encounter is a teacher and the lessons of my life are innumerable. Thank you to each and every one. I promise to forever be a student.” ~ Beverly Akhurst