A simple 20 minute yoga video, in 1998, rescued and restored my desk bound body.  The practice first connected me to the joy I felt when I was a gymnast and it bloomed into much more. Yoga continues to remind me how important it is to care for our three layers of being (body, mind and spirit). 

My own practice, 1000+ hours of training and leading over 20 teacher trainings has humbly taught me to find a yoga for every body that is natural and non-obsessive.  Over the last 17 years of practice and teaching, I have learned to listen to what the “layers” are telling me, to slow down and to find stability and strength first.  When the body and the mind feel supported, they open with greater ease. In this way, we can practice yoga for life. 

I enjoy teaching hatha, flow, restorative and yin. In all of my classes, I weave in breath work, mudras, mantra or visualizations to connect us to our present experience and to support our beautiful journey.

Ara has the highest level of accreditation with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has studied hatha, flow, yin, restorative, anatomy, kundalini, and prenatal.