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There will be a total of 7 workshops from now until February 12th. Each workshop will be limited to 8 participants, except for the one on New Years Day. Times and dates listed below some details for the latter ones still to be confirmed. Some will be half day some will be full days. You will be able to book just one or do them all as a series. Please email the studio if you would like to be updated as details are finalized.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides:

We all have Spirit guides, Angels  and Totem animals that protect us !

You might not know it...but yes, they are there! These multi dimensional beings openly wait alongside you, ready to be called upon at anytime, and excited to be of service, all for you! 
It's truly amazing once you realize this, as then you will know, you truly are , "never alone!"

In this gathering, you will be guided to connect with one or many of your spirit guides.
You will have the opportunity to either paint a wood talisman of your totem animal....or paint/draw the connection to a spirit guide that you make . 

The choice is up to you!

Darla is an incredibly talented artist and leads guided meditations as well as energy work. We have been discussing these workshops for a long time and both of us know it is time for them to occur. ~ Beverly Akhurst

Hello friend! My  name is Darla Zary and I am a  Vancouver based Visionary and Soul Artist. As an honour graduate from Emily Carr in 1989, I have dedicated my life to 25 years of teaching multiple forms of art through youth programs and adult continuing education. It was in 2012 that I finally stepped onto my truest life path as a visionary and soul and spirit guide Artist. It was also that year that I heard loud and clear to "share with others the gift to connect with their own hearts and souls... So "here I am!".That was the year I met Beverly!!!!

Along with Ocean Breath Yoga Studio, I am so excited to offer these gatherings, and the opportunity for you to connect with your  own hearts and souls. You do not have to be an artist to do any of these classes.... you simply have to have an open heart. This  path is your own personal journey....an amazing intuitive journey of light, love and transformation through art but most of all, "play!"

It's time to connect with that inner child, that inner place of innocence and truth, and open the window for your spirit to fly free!!!!! Welcome!!!!



  • can be found as a regular day vendor Artist in the Granville Island Market.
  • is a board member of Kickstart Disability (a non-profit organization that supports and promotes artists living with a disability) 
  • is the co-creator and steward of "The travellers"- a global vision of raising the vibrations of global unity and world peace. 
  • is the Proprietor of "Darla Zary Art thru Soul"  - her Soul and energy  Paintings/spirit guide creations reflecting her clear insight, empathically,telepathically and visually with all multi dimensions. 

*NEW YEARS DAY* Full Day Vision Board Quest: Soul Journey to nourish the soul into the New Year with Darla and Beverly. Will include shared pot luck, singing and dancing and community building.
Valentines (evening February 11th, 2017) A couples class connecting through some tantra breathwork and movement followed by the creative flow.
There will also be a separate class for singles on February 12th, 2017

December 5th
6:00PM to 7:30PM
$55.00 + GST,  
add $10 Cash in studio for canvas and supplies or bring your own.
If you sign up for Heart Song, Soul Painting and Connecting with Spirit Guides the cost is $200 + GST as a package. (otherwise $55.00, $111.00 and $45.00)
Ocean Breath Yoga, Granville Island
Darla Zary and various guests

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