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If you have ever wanted to combine a love of Yoga with your love of being on the ocean with your love of pure childish fun...well...your chance is finally here.

Ocean Breath Yoga is dancing with inner child joy to be pairing up with Granville Islands very own Pirate Adventures to take you on an evening of smile making, balance shaking, sunset gazing yoga fun. 

Drop the notion that you need a studio and a mat to be able to do yoga. Climb aboard the Black Spirit and as the ropes free us from the dock, let your cares and worries do the same. Untie the knots and let yourself drift on the current of your breath.

Our captain will guide us off into False Creek while we find our center and balance. Your job aboard this pirate ship will be to find the treasure buried deep within your own heart. You may have to do battle with your own mind and stories of how you should behave at your age. But if you trust your treasure map and follow it's clues you may just find that no mutiny will be needed because you will be sailing safely into harbour knowing everything you need awaits when you return to shore.

The cruise itself will be 1.5 hours and the course will be determined by the captain. If the weather is good we may find ourselves leaving the "safety" of False Creek for open waters of English Bay. We will meet at the Pirate Adventures just around the corner from the studio at 6:30 pm. As a group we will proceed to the ship for a 7:00 pm departure. Once aboard, the Yoga journey will continue. Practice will eventually blend into time to enjoy a few treats, good company and the freshness of the ocean air.

Sea Breeze Bev, Owner Ocean Breath Yoga
Beverly Akhurst is a Yoga Alliance Registered ERYT 500,  with over 5000 hours of Teaching experience and is the Owner of Ocean Breath Yoga and Director of Ocean Breath Yoga Teacher Training School.
Beverly's goal is to create practices which lead to healthy bodies and minds, while celebrating the bodies we inhabit instead of judging them, this comes with an understanding that play and joy are part of a healthy life. This is why she has chosen to join with her colleagues on Granville Island at Pirate Adventures and create this evening of practice and laughter.

Captain Terrible Terry n' LowTide Lou, Owners of Pirate Adventures, Granville Island
Terry and Louise have created a ship and a business that celebrates the joy of our inner child and the magic of imagination. Every day they transport children and adults alike into a world of pirates, mermaids, treasure and laughter through an interactive floating theater. They invite you to leave your adult worries on shore and return to the glee of your inner child. They have paired with Ocean Breath Yoga in a sharing of community, inspired to see the process of yoga come to life while moving across water as the sun gently lowers 

1/2 Hour on land prep. and meditation
1.5 Hour cruise on the Pirate Ship
Yoga, dance, meditation
Time to chat with others and enjoy the time on the water.

What you will need:
Clothing layers. It gets cooler out on the water so bring at least a sweater for during or after yoga.
Maybe some socks.
You will also need your inner child and smiles. :-)
***No mat needed
July 28th, 2016 6:30pm meet, All Aboard 7:00pm, Return 8:30pm
Open to anyone, all yoga levels. This will not be a regular class.
How much treasure will it cost?:  
$40.00 + GST
$75.00 + GST for 2 people booking together
10% discount for anyone with an Ocean Breath Yoga pass.
10% discount for seniors

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