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Yoga Nidra: " Yoga Sleep" or Sleep without the burden of sleep. A deeply restful, releasing and meditative journey. It takes you beyond the place of deep relaxation to a healing place of natural peace and quiet. It is available to anyone following a regular practice and Yoga Nidra also allows those who do not have the ability to do or have no interest in doing the poses of a more active practice the ability to experience some of the same benefits.

Stress has become the number one disease in North America and the cause for most other disease. Days filled with lists of to do's. Phones expecting immediate acknowledgement, many distractions to keep us from finding our centers. To release stress we need to arrive at an internal space where true peace and joy exists without having to look for it outside of ourselves. Teaching our bodies this allows us to handle every day stresses differently.

Calm the body and the Vagus Nerve (80% of the Central Nervous Systems connection to the Parasympathetic Nervous System -Rest and Digest) and reduce stress on the body by reduction of adrenalin production, balance of Cortisol production, which leads to reduction of inflammation of tissues as well as the vagus nerve messaging your organs that it is okay to relax and function properly

Allow me to guide you on an 8 stage journey into full presence while in a deep state of relax and release. Opening to the possibility of everything you are and can be.

If you truly enjoy the practice and want to ensure it runs please preregister. If the minimum is not met 2 days prior the class will be cancelled. Thank you so much for understanding. 

Mats, Blankets and Bolsters provided..

Please Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to settle in. Late comers will not be admitted. Once Nidra starts it would be too distracting to students and teacher alike. Thank you for acknowledging this.
Dress: It is a cooling practice so please dress Warm and Comfortable. Belts and tight or constricting clothing are not recommended.

Ocean Breath Yoga, Granville Island
Instructor and Guide:
Beverly Akhurst
Saturday November 5th, 6:45PM-7:45PM
This Christmas Yoga Nidra is by Donation

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