• Ocean Breath Yoga (map)
  • 1521 Foreshore Walk
  • Vancouver, BC, V6H 3X3
  • Canada

You have probably heard it in a Yoga class before. Align your legs, your knee and ankle, align your head over your shoulders. Lovely ideas ....if we were all built the same. The intention is good, but alignment in Yoga was meant to be more about the alignment of Intention and action, alignment of energy with purpose. Creating a channel of connection from the very earthiness of our physical bodies to the air we breathe.

This alignment does not come from trying to treat our bones as straight sticks, but from understanding that every bone, every tissue, every organ is a set of symbiotic levers and pulleys. Once you figure out how these work the energy starts to flow, the mind becomes clearer and calmer and the life our bodies carry us through becomes less stressful.
If you start functioning in the physical body with this in mind, what you may find is that you stop struggling to attain some unreachable goal and instead become stronger and more centered in the cellular body in which you exist.

What you will experience in this class:

  • We will discuss and look at the different ways a body can be built that will affect how it will find its way into asana (poses).

  • Learn to trust the felt experience

  • Start to understand the somatic experience of the internal body

  • Learn to utilize breath to guide a more fluid movement and experience.

    Come dressed comfortably for movement.
    Bring a notebook and pen(cil)
    Bring something you think you could use as a prop (not necessarily what you always find in a class).
    Bring your open mind and leave your preconceived ideas at home for the day to rest.

    Beverly Akhurst, ERYT 500, YACEP, Owner/Director Ocean Breath Yoga and Movement
    Ocean Breath Yoga, Granville Island
    Sunday, June 23rd
    12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Students and Teachers
    (If you are wanting to explore a different way of meeting your physical practice and connecting it with the rest of your Yoga this is for you)
    Teachers, this counts as 3 hours towards your CEU's with Yoga Alliance