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TaoYin, Taoist Yoga

Cultivating internal energy and harmonizing the body-heart-mind

with Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor
4 Thursday nights, 7:30 – 9 pm, Jan. 18 – Feb 8, 2018
at Ocean Breath Yoga, 1521 Foreshore Walk, Granville Island

TaoYIn is a unique blend of Qigong, Taoist Yoga, Qi Self Massage, Tao Tantric Arts and Yogic Breathing. We consciously circulate life-force energy to rejuvenate and energize the body and mind. The practices open the flow in the meridians and psychic channels and balance our inner masculine and feminine energies. Release trauma and old holding / moving patterns.
Deeply nurture yourself and build your core reserves through packing Qi into your organs. Align yourself with heaven and earth and move with graceful, spiraling flow, like Tai Chi on the floor!
This form of longevity exercise develops a flexible body by growing elasticity in the tendons. Heighten awareness of holistic connections like the psoas muscle, "the muscle of the soul" and the diaphragm, "the muscle of the spirit". This organic practice is well-loved for the sense of integration of body, breath and energy awareness.

Minke de Vos

MMQ is a Senior Universal Tao Instructor who teaches spiritual embodiment at Silent Ground Retreats, and is internationally known as one of the top teachers of qigong, self-healing and sacred sexuality. She has worked along-side of Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 30 years. She inspires practitioners of all levels to live with loving presence. She is a Medical Qigong Master Therapist and founder of “Tao Tantric Arts”. Please see about her international trainings, book and other educational product


4 week series, Jan. 18 – Feb 8
Thursday nights, 7:30 - 9 pm

$120, plus GST, $112 plus GST paid by Jan 4
$33 drop in
Register: http://www.oceanbreathyoga.ca/booking/workshops

- yoga mat, cushion, blanket (there are some extras in the studio)
(Studio is fully stocked if you are unable to bring yours with you)

“Each Tao Tantric Yoga class experience was as rich as a full weekend workshop. Minke is amazing!” Lyle Povah (from Drumming and Health)

“Minke's style of teaching is inspirational, free-flowing, and pleasing to the mind, body, and soul. She does not just demonstrate a series of movements, she expresses the movements gracefully in an effortless manner, making it easy for the students to visualize the flow of energy. She is indeed a master of her trade!”, Mina Nozar

"I like the female energy flow in the Tao Yoga class, which the outside world is so lacking now. The quick and aggressive male energy is balanced by slow and soft female energy here. I feel balanced and refreshed in my whole body. I would call this class a "Goddess Shower". Angela Zhu

"Minke's Tao Yoga class was one of the most healing things I"ve ever done for myself. The movement was all about joy and it felt as though every cell in my body released tension, toxins, and pain. I am grateful that I found this wonderful teacher! Thank you!" - Andrea

“I love to practice Tao Yoga for the open and energetic feeling that leaves me walking away with the bliss of the body”. - Minke

Enhance happiness, health and longevity with time-tested practices

Early Sign Up ends end of day January 4th, 2018