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This is a workshop that can be booked by individuals, groups or businesses.

You can stand for so many things in life but when was the last time you thought about standing up for your own health? Your ability to move through life with confidence and balance?
What about sitting? Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Have you made a choice to never sit if you can help it? But what happens if you stand all day? Could it be that too much of anything can change something from Good to Unhealthy?
Yes there needs to be balance in both, but what will change things even more, is learning how to do these basic activities with knowledge and awareness.

In this program you will learn to .....that is correct.....STAND UP and WALK!!
I hear you.... "What the heck could I possibly learn, my gosh, I already know how to stand and I walk everywhere."
Wonderful! But do you do any of this effectively? How often do you trip or roll an ankle? feel your knees, your hips? your back?
When you stand, is gravity pushing you down or holding you up? Have you ever said or heard someone say "I think I'm shrinking"? (No know cases in history that I can find)
Do your shoulders ache, your back twinge, your knee feel pain (usually just one), or a hip cause you grief? Has a headache become your new normal or your jaw ache?
Maybe you always feel invisible when you walk down the street. (you really aren’t)

Just like you breathe every day unconsciously, you also stand and walk without considering the effect these everyday acts can have on your overall well being.
Find YOUR body's ideal position, its stance and then find the walk that will guide you through the day with balance and ease.

What you will learn:

- A general idea of your physiology, and how pelvic floor health is a basis for all structural health.
- To be balanced and aware of how your body moves and positions itself.
- How to better utilize your connective tissue and muscles to re-establish the foundations of healthy body mechanics.
- To move from your core body.
- To be stable and balanced when moving through your world.
- To establish a strong impression through your stance. (job interviews, important meetings, speeches and similar moments)
- More

What you will need:

Each person should come equipped with
-Something resembling a strap (belt, scarf or strong cloth will do)
-The shoes you normally would wear for walking or standing in.
-Notebook and pen.
-A sense of humour and a beginners mind.

Sunday July 7th, 11:00 am-2:00 pm
Ocean Breath Yoga
(If you would like to hold this workshop at your place of business please contact Beverly for dates, times an cost.)
With: Beverly Akhurst, ERYT 500, YACEP, Director of Ocean Breath School
Investment: $65 + GST


To Book as private training See Below:
Sessions are 1.5 hours long (suggested 3 sessions)
Investment: $125 + gst for one session. 3 sessions $325 + gst
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