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  • 1521 Foreshore Walk, Granville Island
  • Vancouver, BC

Join Ocean Breath Yoga and Mako Saul for a Deep Healing and Renewing Restorative practice. This Class will be led exclusively in Japanese as a 108 minute long class (1 Hour and 48 minutes). 1 the I, 0 the whole, 8 infinity.

LIMITED to 6 Spaces to allow for full care and attention.

Come join Mako and find a space of comforting  ease. Allow yourself the opportunity to be still, allowing your body the chance to heal, re-balance and re-energize. Where there is imbalance there must also be time for rest.

Mako Saul is a gifted Restorative Teacher, with an innate understanding of the care each soul requires within the space she holds. This class is limited to a total of 6 participants so she can give each and every person the care they deserve. Let go and allow her prop you and nurture you through your practice.Gather your blankets and bolsters, turn off the phones and come ready to forget about time and remember yourself..

All props and mats provided. Please feel free to bring any of your own if you prefer having them.
TEACHER: Mako Saul
October 28th, November 18th, December 9th, 2016 and
January 20th, 2017
$30.00 + GST Preregistered
$35.00 + GST Drop In
$55.00 + GST Preregistered

PLEASE PREREGISTER if you want to ensure your attendance. Restorative Workshop is limited to 5 people and drop ins can only be accepted if space available. (call first if not registered)

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