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In the '80's Japan formulated a term and an "activity" called.....Shinrin-Yoku.......Forest Therapy, the medicine of being in the forest. The Japanese practice of forest bathing was the first to be studied and prove that lower heart rates and blood pressure, reduced stress hormone production, improved immune systems, and overall feelings of well being could be encouraged by spending time in nature.

In Japan and Korea the practice of Forest bathing is a national strategy for health and many other countries are following their example such as Australia and the US.
It is understood through the study of and practice of ShinRin Yoku that immersing in nature in a mindful and meditative manner is a sure way to reduce stress and connect to numerous health benefits.
What they have found and many communities and cultures before them is that if one visits an area in nature and walks in a calm manner, without and end goal, but simply to be within the experience, some or many of the following benefits may be achieved.

Lower Blood pressure
Reduced Stress
More ability to be present and concentrate.
Improved sleep
Lower Anxiety
Boosted Immune system functioning.

Join Beverly for a guided movement through nature. The time will incorporate any or all of the following: Breathwork, awareness practices, silent walking, mantra and sound within nature, gentle movement, controlled moments of sharing and journal time. The idea of Forest Wellness (Bathing) is to become comfortable with doing and accomplishing nothing. To just BE within the moment.
DIfferent sessions will invite in different "experiences".

If you plan to join in please be prepared to either leave your phone at home or turn it off for the duration of the afternoon. Dress appropriately for the weather with good, comfortable walking footwear. We will go rain or shine. The only thing that will cause cancellation is an absolute monsoon or wind storm that makes it dangerous to be in the trees.
Location will be either Pacific Spirit Park, Lighthouse Park or Stanley Park. Decided closer to the date.

Beverly Akhurst
11:00 am - 2:00 pm Thursday, June 13th
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Saturday, June 15th

Investment: $55 + GST Bring a friend $95 + GST for both
Runs with a minimum of 4 students registered.

Each person joining in does so with the recognition that although we will be "social" this will also be time for nature, to move through the experiences that arise for you.

What you will need:
Comfortable walking shoes that are able to walk on rocky or uneven areas.
Appropriate clothing and extra layers if the weather is changeable.
Small comfortable backpack or bag with the following -
Water (please no plastic throw away bottles)
Food if you have not eaten (no noisy wrappers or throw away plastic containers please.)
Hat if the weather is bad or quite sunny.
What you may need:
Maybe a small towel or blanket to sit on if it is not raining heavily. Something waterproof if it is raining.
A journal and pen.
Things that make you happy (i.e special totem...rock, picture, food, etc) to gift to Mother Nature/Gaia/PachaMama/Lakshmi. 
Your intention to "accomplish nothing" and just be.