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This is an ongoing workshop for individuals and workplaces.

The Definition of Ergonomics is:
an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely

This workshop is the ergonomics of arranging the body you inhabit so that it interacts with the way you live and work in an efficient and safe manner.
Using the idea of ergonomics you will learn to use (arrange) your body in and around the objects of your work space (or home) so that the way your body interacts with your environment is healthy and supportive, rather than stressful and depleting. You may not be able to go out and buy a new chair or desk, especially if it involves everyone within an office. Maybe you love the shiny new computer you have, but now you introduced it to your work space it doesn't love you(r) back. How do you sleep, work, relax, play? Even the way you use your phone can affect your body if you are not considering the ergonomics of how you connect with this object.

You spend a large portion of your day at work or working. Do you stand all day or have to sit? Are you in a vehicle for a large portion of your day or having to walk? Do you wish sometimes you could drop your chair out a window or do you go home with an ache in your knee or your low back. Do you beg everyone for a shoulder rub when they walk by?
You don't have to suffer through your days, wishing you could buy that $5,000 chair that promises you will feel like you are hanging out in a hammock.

If you would like to align your body with your intention of being happy with how your body feels as you move through your days let's talk.

If you are within the Vancouver area I can come to your office or work site. We will walk through the areas you spend your time in, I will watch how you and your body interact with your environment and then help you to rearrange how your body uses the objects within this space. We will also look at how to use other objects you already own to help create these adjustments and incorporate a few simple stretches.

Never assume you have to "live with it". Instead Live Well!


Please Contact Beverly to plan a session and/or schedule a visit.
Sessions can be schedule from Monday to Friday in the afternoons. Others times possible.

Length of visit will be determined by how large a space we will be working within, how many people we will be focusing on and how many areas you would like to work on.

Office visits Starting at $150 + gst per hour. Investment increases with number of individuals to "design and arrange". If your office is outside of the central Vancouver area rates may differ.