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More and more in Vancouver and beyond, Grandmothers are taking on the roll of caregivers to their grandchildren as families work hard to stay afloat in ever changing times.
The are many gifts to be gained from this, but a side effect is many of you are missing out on time for self exploration and self care that might otherwise be available.

Saturday afternoons can be one of the times when child minding is not needed and you are given the time to step into your practice.

Once a month the studio will host a Gathering of Grandmothers. 
An afternoon for yourself shared with others who can relate to this new emerging role.
Share practice, share stories, share tea.

You will create skills that will assist not only with the physical demands of being with children many hours of each day but also with the mental and emotional demands.
Remember that you are still a member of a vibrant and intelligent, creative, thoughtful community of like minded souls.
Celebrate each other, empower each other and be there to hear and to listen.

Next Session
November 10th , 2018
1:00 - 4:00
$40 + gst

MatRKa - sanskrit for grandmother
Also means divine mother, nature of mother, nurse, coming from or belonging to mother