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  • 1521 Foreshore Walk
  • Vancouver, BC, V6H 3X3
  • Canada

Healing Sound Journey with Gandharva Loka. The world musical instrument store here on Granville Island.

These sessions will be by donation and RSVP. The first one to be held on April 10th is already fully booked. Please check back as we begin to organize regular events on Monday nights. The next will be held on Sunday night, April 23rd and then returns to Monday nights.

The Journey on April 10th was a sharing of a collection of Crystal Bowls followed by the opportunity to play them or experience them on a more intimate level through body connection and the internal vibrations.

Each journey will be a new experience decided on the day prior. 

The studio can hold 15 - 20 lying down, more if some people choose to sit, lean on walls or in chairs. There are mats, blankets bolsters and blocks. Feel free to bring meditation cushions or items you feel will make this a more blissful experience for yourself.

Please no perfumes or scents to allow everyone a comfortable experience.
Shoes to be removed once in the door and left on the mats there to hold the cleanliness of the space (Sauca). There are cubby holes in the back to hold your items so they do not take up space.

These Journeys are on a donation basis. Gandharva Loka is happy to share the experience and donations go to Ocean Breath Yoga. They will go towards covering the cost of using the space and any extra funds will go towards obtaining various sound implements for future journeys and various Karma events.

We look forward to the time shared with you.


Additional Info and RSVP's to Ghandarva Loka