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This workshop will run over 4 Wednesdays with Mako Saul. Each 2 hour session will combine learning what the poses of Restorative are good for, Why you might want to consider doing them or adding them to classes and how to create each pose for maximum benefit. There will be approximately half an hour of discussion time mixed with 1.5 hour long practice.
For Students wishing to create a personal practice for home and Yoga Teachers wanting to add a Restorative component to their regular classes. More info to be found in the workshop section shortly. You will use each month between to incorporate what you have learned then build on it each class.

Class #1 (March 21st): Foundation

·         Overview

·         Get to know Principles of Restorative Yoga

·         Art of Slowing Down

·         Understanding the Nervous System

·         Activating the Right side of Your Brain

·         Intro to Props


Class #2 (March 28th):  Discovering the joy of letting go through Creative Use of Props

·         Exploring different shapes/Moving spins in all directions

·         Learning to use props to support your practice and discover your sweet spots

·         Understanding the difference between surrendering and stretching


Class #3 (April 4th): Cultivating Awareness, Connecting with Feelings/Sensations & Calming your mind

·         Learning ways to listen to your body

·         Pranayama (Breath to move Life force Energy)

·         Visualization

·         Exploring mindful self-compassion and loving kindness meditation

·         Understanding the power of passive language


Class #4 (April 11th): Putting it all Together!

·         Deepening your ability to feel presence in stillness

·         Understanding your physical and emotional needs and customizing your practice

 -       Building your restorative practice


4 Class Series
March 21st, March 28th, April 4th, then April 11th. 
LIMIT 5 Students!! (4 spots left)
$160 + GST for all 4 Sessions

This will be prop intensive. Props provided feel free to bring any personal props to learn how to use them.DROP IN Only if space available and teacher consent.

This Program of Learning  will be supported with some schedule classes planned between each session. DTBD