• Ocean Breath Yoga (map)
  • 1521 Foreshore Walk, Granville Island
  • Vancouver, BC

Valentines Day is about LOVE! Not just for couples but for everyone. Yoga is about LOVE! Not just for couples but for everyone.

This Valentines Day bring yourself, or bring your best friend, sister, brother, parent, child or of course partner and allow Lucy to guide you on a beautful heart opening journey.

Workshop Details:

This workshop is open to all level of yogi, from absolute beginner to long time practioner.
 You are welcome to join on your own or bring others. Love isn't exclusive to those in relationships.

The workshop will incorporate Thai Massage and partner stretching. You will  all be given  a chance to connect through fun and laughter while opening to communication through touch and most importantly Lucy will lead you on a journey of learning to love yourself and deepen trust in yourself.

Start your Valentines Day with joy then wander out and enjoy the day. Stepping out the door of Ocean Breath Yoga can have you on the seawall for a walk, going to one of the many restaurants for lunch or hopping one of the water taxis for a meander down False Creek. Take all that love you find in class and spread it out with every step you take.



Lucy believes yoga is the development of the Self and it is a practice of humility, play and devotion. Coming from a dance, healing and story-telling background, all of these skills lend to each other in her yoga classes. She feels that Surrender and Compassion have laid the foundations for a joyful and inspired life. Building foundations from the inside out has inspired her to be in the service of others finding their true potential while still being able to laugh at the cycle of life’s journey!

Where: Ocean Breath Yoga on Granville Island
Instructor: Lucy St. John
When: Sunday February 14th 11:00am - 1:00pm
Cost: $35 + GST  Book Now
What You Need: Yourself, Comfy clothing and Your Heart