• Canadian Memorial United Church and Center For Peace (map)
  • 1825 16th Avenue
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada

I was very humbled about a year and a half ago to be asked to join Norbert Rodenkirchen to share a meditative contemplation of music combined with movement.
Norbert is one of the premier Flutists of his kind in the world and his music was moving and so beautifully intentioned that it transported the experience into an elevation of each attendees connection to the gifts of nature.
So I was touched and honoured to be asked to join him again on his return to Vancouver. His talent is matched by his persona and I can think of nothing that I would enjoy more than joining with him to provide an experience of connection.

Along with Norberts music and interspersed, I will share guided movement influenced by somatics {(soma - a living process by which our bodily sensations, movements, perceptions emotions and thoughts form our experience)}, breath, and meditation which relies on the sense of sound (vibration) and how it is the embodiment of nature.

Join Early Music Vancouver, Medieval flutist Norbert Rodenkirchen, and Beverly Akhurst, owner of Ocean Breath Yoga on Monday, June 11th for an afternoon of mindfulness and music at the Centre for Peace at Memorial United Church.

Once thought of as a means of communication between humans and the divine, the Medieval flute has a long history as part of traditional Christian mysticism and meditative practices. Norbert Rodenkirchen's contemplative, chant-like flute playing will be accompanied by movement meditations led by Beverly Akhurst. This event will meld together two vastly different (yet deeply complementary) meditative traditions and offer participants a new way of approaching their own mindfulness practices.

Tickets will be available at earlymusic.bc.ca or by calling their office at (604) 732-1610.