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30 Days to let go an old habit or create a new and healthy one. Depending what study you read this could be anywhere from 20 days to 40 days. So instead just think of it as the possibility that if you spend a concentrated amount of time to create something in your life you will begin to enjoy it and embrace it as something you just do.

So why this Adjuster?

1. It has become a tradition to create a Resolve on New Years. A resolve in and of itself is usually based on the belief that there is something wrong with us. "I will lose weight", "I will get healthy", "I will change my job", quit smoking, cut out sugar......etc. We set goals and imagine how happy we will be when we reach those magical goals. Chasing happiness is a hard thing to hold faith in.
Instead invite yourself to challenge this notion and create a Sankalpa. A Sankalpa (which IS resolve) asks you to trust that who you are is exactly who you need to be and thus you open yourself to meeting your deep heart felt desires. It is a "wild" notion, believing we are exactly who we need to be...nothing wrong with us, we just need to focus our minds and connect to the enrgy within us. 
Create a positive affirmation or intention that is spoken as a truth of who you are in this moment. Make it your daily mantra, and the more you repeat your truth to yourself the more you will find it becoming your actual state of being.

2. We are moving through Winter Solstice a time of imbalance in energy. Very Yin in energy. More Dark than Light, more cold than warm. Wet to Dry, Stormy more than calm....This is the perfect time to spend a little more time inside slowing down and connecting to your intent. Think of it as tilling your soil so that whent spring arrives your are ready to grow strong.

3. When you have others to encourage you and somewhere to gather it can help you remember your intent.

Everyone is welcome to join. 
Starts: January 3rd 2016, kick off at the studio. Some yoga, some meditaion, and deep relaxation to start you on your journey.  This day You will start to form your Sankalpa.
Finishes: February 1st
Cost: Monthly memberships can join in. You can use your 10 class pass but it makes it more expensive. Must sign up with studio. If you are unable to do a monthly pass, unofficially join to stay motivated. You can check in when you do yoga or meditation at home or on the road.
Motivation: Being your best and truest self. If that isn't enough there will be a yoga buddy sign up sheet so you can connect and get each other moving on the days the "Can't" monsters get in the way.
If you complete 30 days of setting your intentions your name will go in a draw for another one month pass to keep you on your path.