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  • 1521 Foreshore Walk
  • Vancouver, BC, V6H 3X3
  • Canada

Join Ocean Breath Yoga and Mako Saul for a deep releasing, healing Restorative practice.
LIMITED to 6 Spaces.

SOLD OUT! Still a couple of spots for Sunday's in Japanese

As the energy of the season starts to deplete you, parties, families, colds, flus, shopping...... give yourself a gift. This is a gift for body, mind and soul. For two and a half hours allow Mako to guide you through this deeply healing practice. 
In the context of season, this used to be the time to come inside, gather energy to replenish yourself for the year to come. Instead we find ourselves rushing fom place to place, feeling the need to be and do everything for everyone until there is not much left and we start feeling tired, upset, emotional or just physically depleted.
The best gift you can give yourself (and in the process) everyone close to you, is to take time for some self love. You take that time and you will have the capacity to share more love.

Mako Saul is a gifted Restorative Teacher, with an innate understanding of the care each soul requires within the space she holds. This class is limited to a total of 6 participants so she can give each and every person the care they deserve. Gather your blankets and bolsters, turn off the phones and come ready to forget about time and remember yourself..

There will be a Restorative on Sunday the 20th as well in Japanese.

All props and mats provided. 
TEACHER: Mako Saul
Cost: $35.00 + GST XMAS Special offering.PAY IT FORWARD: $60 + GST for you and a friend. If you decide you would like to  share this experience as a way to pay forward the love you can purchase a space for the next Restorative  class in February at the end of class or you can choose to gift another person by either getting a pass for you and a different person for the same price, or gift a singular pass for $30 +GST to another. The person you brought can choose to do the same.