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We hear a lot and possibly talk a lot about Yamas (actions on right living) or try to portray proper living to our students, but what does it all mean?

This two part workshop will delve into the ideas and ethics of teaching. We will look at how the yamas have been modified to serve teaching yoga in the context of a North American audience.
Have you as a teacher, fully established your ethics, and how do these ethics affect your teaching?
How do they affect you and your students, especially if what you teach is not truly what you live or believe?
What can we do for ourselves and each other to ensure that we start to live what we teach and ensure our students are nurtured through their learning and practice?
How does teaching within a city like Vancouver affect
our commitments as teachers to each other? And is it reasonable to believe we can all still treat the other with respect and still succeed?

Come ready to explore in depth what principles guide you and create an ethical guide to serve you. There will be open discussion, writing, practice, and group exercises. Solidify your commitments to your calling and support each other in bringing integrity to the gift of teaching.


Two Saturdays: April 30th, and May 7th 1 :00 - 4:00 pm

Workshop counts as 6 hours towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units for Rertified Yoga Teachers.

Cost: $98 + GSt for Part 1 and 2 together
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Teacher: Beverly Akhurst ERYT 500, Director and Lead Instructor Ocean Breath Yoga Teacher Training School


Beverly teaches in Vancouver and approaches her teaching with the belief that we must bring all aspects of our practice to our students, especially our ethics. If our ethics are not grounded and clear, it not only is hard to be honest with your teaching,  it is hard to build trust and depth with our students.

"Without the yamas, known as ethical rules, there is no success in yoga". ~Sri Dharma Mittra