Retreats are a way to step out of the distraction of the patterns of your life and the disconnect of a world immersed in electronic overload.
Stress, Anxiety, an ever building belief that we are lacking, or missing out or needing to keep up, these have all become part of the patterns of our lives.
Allowing yourself time within an environment that accepts you for who you are in each moment, reminds you that you don’t need a cell phone to connect, you have the cellular body. You don’t need the right brand of clothing, nature accepts you just as you are.
When you remember how to breathe, move and appreciate each moment, your truest you remembers that everything is possible, that you are exactly who you need to be in this moment and this moment is beautiful.

Any retreat centers booked by Ocean Breath have been chosen because of the care and heart they have invested in creating spaces that are peaceful, soulful, considerate of the environment and focused on creating an experience that allows attendees to concentrate on being exactly who they need to be.

with Beverly Akhurst and Co-Host, Talia Garner, Owner Healing Tree Massage, RMT and RYT 200

Pack your desire to drop into a Sacred Space and join me (Beverly Akhurst) at Floating Leaf Bali Eco-Luxury Retreat Center.

All Retreats Include:
Accommodation in a Private Retreat Center surrounded by Nature.
All classes, meditation practices, guided Nature Therapy sessions and Workshops.
Meals & Snacks
Personal Time for rest and renewal.

Gallery of Retreat Moments


Not Included:
Massage and Spa services (we can assist you in pre-booking any of these services.)

The retreats will take place at Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island
Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Resort in Bali, Indonesia
(more destinations eventually to come)

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.
— Buddha