The Studio

May you say Yes to the adventures that scare you and emerge from the darkness transformed.  ~ Caitlin Chero


The Studio

May you say Yes to the adventures that scare you and emerge from the darkness transformed.  ~ Caitlin Chero

The studio stands on the quiet edge of Granville Island. Her full wall of windows gaze out like open eyes, to the grass, the water and boats the sky and each sunset. One day while strolling the quiet spaces of GI, I saw what would become the studio. Her windows were layered in vinyl. I peered through the front door and what was revealed was junk stored to the 15 foot high ceiling, freezers, computers and under it all a blue and white tiled floor. I turned around on the little patio and gazed out to the reflected light on the water and said out loud to the air “what a waste of space”. Two days later I took a stroll down the same path and there she was with a new addition….a For Lease sign.
The Universe had offered up the challenge….”if it is a waste of space what are you going to do about it?”
Keys were received on New Years Eve, a time of new beginnings and nourishing our hearts intentions. Now, 5 years later, the studio has moved past infanthood, made her playful way through childhood, dashed through teenhood exploring her identity and is now a young adult with life and all its possibilities open to her. She has a strong sense of identity and although open to all new experiences she is secure in knowing what she is here for. She embraces everyone with care and like all true friends welcomes you in whether it is every day or once a year. She has no requirements, and is simply joyful for your company whenever it can happen.
I understand her…this soul disguised as a studio. Part of something larger but every day remembering and standing in her own identity, so unlike the boating brokers that surround her yet sharing a common foundation. Her cedar posts created of something so ancient, yet they are part of something so new within the framework of where she now exists, scraped clean of everything that contained them. The truth of all the old scars and knicks creating the beauty of her body.
Each time her door opens it as if a sigh escapes her lungs and an ease arrives in that moment between arrival and departure.

WELCOME! (from Wilcuman: Wil = will or desire Cuman = To come……..It is desired that you come……You are a desired guest)

We will, all of us shift and grow with each passing week, teacher and student alike. Embrace these changes and each new insight. 
If you feel drawn to join this journey, come in, be safe, be open, make new friends, learn about yourself; body, heart and mind  and know that this space is held for you .....oh yes.......and don't be afraid to laugh out loud every now and then, maybe even sing and cry!

This is a practice of connection. Slowing down, experiencing ourselves and each other on every level. Getting to know the bodies we inhabit, the minds that try to rule our moments and letting the breath be our most intimate guide.
What you will begin to “remember”?

  • connection, to the breath, body, mind, heart and each other is available to anyone and it is this that will create our greatest shifts in reality.

  • slowing down enough to hear our hearts, while asking our minds to stop rushing to judgement, may take us on a very worthwhile journey.

  • if we let go of fearing all things - what we might not be able to do, what we think we may never have - we may be very surprised with what we can do and what we do have in abundance.

  • twisting yourself in knots (literally and figuratively) will not make you a yogi, in fact it is usually the smallest movement, the most unaligned limb, the tiniest moment that will sometimes connect you to the understanding you are unique and individual and also a part of everthing.

  • the flames of our practice can be created internally, from reclaiming the breath, to stoking the fire in our bellies for something more than getting by.

The idea that no matter what,........ we are Perfect in this moment because this is the only moment that matters and who we show up as in this moment matters.. !!!

Ocean Breath is a Boutique style studio.
100+ year old cedar beams and posts were hand scraped back their original wood grain warmth. Maple floor sheds a warm hue whenever the sun touches it. Windows that fill the whole front wall gaze out like eyes, past our little patio to the water and boats. In the warm seasons, the open door and windows let soft breezes in along with the sound of seagulls, geese, ravens and the occasional heron. Sometimes finches and hummingbirds grace the doorway. Warm sun and beautiful sunsets add to the magic. In the cooler seasons, we close the thick curtains, turn on the salt lamps, turn down the dimmer and get cozy with Indian cotton and wool blankets, while the darkness of short and rainy days allows the opportunity to slow down and drift inwards.

Mats are provided, just please give them a wipe down at the end of class. As well bolsters, chip foam blocks, 3 and 4 inch bricks, straps, blankets, and a variety of other surprise tools will be found to support your practice, along with chairs for the days you don’t feel like making your way to the ground.

With Gratitude, Beverly
Ocean Breath Yoga and Movement


Ocean Breath

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.” ~ Gregory Maguire

Ocean Breath

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.” ~ Gregory Maguire

Ocean Breath is not a translation of Ujjayi Breath (that would be Victorious Breath). What it is, is an interpretation based on the sound the breath creates when it is mastered. Its sound reminiscent of the sound a wave makes rolling gently up and back down a beach. It is a breath created when a person constricts the base of their throat, controlling the movement of breath into and back out of the body. Where the breath, for the majority of people has become a spontaneous occurrence that happens without thought, Ocean Breath reconnects us to the strength and health benefits of our body's abilities truly experienced.

The unconcious breathing we do on a daily basis draws oxygen into just the top 1/3 of our lungs. Ocean Breath allows us to fully expand and utilize the power of our lungs and their capacity to carry oxygen molecules to our blood stream and deep into our bodies. It works our diaphragm and thus the areas which our diaphragms are connected to facially and muscularly. (heart, T12, L1,2 and 3 and an effect on the Psoas to name some)
The exhale when done with awareness then carries toxins (methane, carbon and water vapour) from our bodies. 

It is thought that 20 minutes of Ocean Breath can equate to 20 minutes of aerobic activity and it's benefits to the body without the stress.

One of my favourite teachers, Max Strom describes our normal breath as a breath to survive but not to "Live". His simple steps:

  • Sit or stand with the spine straight
  • Relax the shoulder blades downward
  • Broaden the chest and remember to breathe into the sides of your ribs
  • Make the sound of fogging the mirror with your breath.

Initially it is easier to practice Ocean Breath with the mouth open because it is easier to relax the jaw and connect to that gentle fogging quality of the breath we have all used before when steaming a window or to clean eye glasses.  It is also easier to hear the quality of the breath. Once the mouth open technique is mastered he recommends moving on to the traditional mouth closed breathing practice.

Some of the benefits of Ocean Breath (Ujjayi) can be:
Connection to the Para Sympathetic Nervous System, stimulation of the metabolic system, better blood circulation to the body, more oxygen to the lungs, lowered anxiety and ability to have a deeper sleep. You can read more online or in Max Strom's book "A Life Worth Breathing". Many different areas of research on the breath can be found online and in bookstores. You can also see my own story and how it has affected my life. 

To see a short talk on breath by Max go to:

Breath is the bridge which connects life to conciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.
— Thich Nhat Hahn