Physical Body (Anamaya Kosha)

This is the “food” body and the one we concentrate on when a human identifies as the physical. Bones, tissues, skin and flesh.
It can be easy to get stuck thinking of yourself as nothing more than the physical form when you are in pain, when the body becomes tight, or immobile.
Think of working at a desk or on computers all day or having joint problems or working through an injury.
Here we will focus on regaining mobility, reducing stress on the physical body, strengthening and/or releasing constrained fascia. Posture will be a focus.

60 MINUTES $125 • 75 MINUTES $150

Energetic Body (Pranamaya Kosha)

Here we look at the Energy Body. Also known as Prana (the Life Force Energy) it is considered the force that holds together the body and the mind. The connection to the Physical Body is through the breath. Think of it as the motor that moves the energy.
Imagine if you were to constantly rev the engine of your car and never turn it off or let it rest. You would run out of fuel and quite possible burn out the battery. This is exactly what happens to the body on a daily basis when you breathe shallowly or quickly all day. Your lungs need to expand and the capacity for breath grows while it slows.
Relearn how to breathe and quite possibly change your life. How you sit and stand and lie down will be explored. How you hold yourself physically will have a large effect on the breath.

60 MINUTES $125 • 75 MINUTES $150


Mindy Body (Manomaya Kosha)

The Mind is Manas. The mind is where you begin to understand your individuality, your uniqueness. When your life is filled with social media and technology. When the view of the external world dictates how you experience yourself, it is easy to begin to identify yourself as the physical body or the energy body.
The manas consists of Thinking, Feeling, Willing and Memory. It is the beliefs and patterns we create by what we learn through the mind.
For Manas the work will consist of some movement and breath work, but the majority or time will be dedicated to learning Mindfulness techniques and Meditation.

60 MINUTES $125 • 75 MINUTES $150


Sense Body (Vijnanamaya Kosha)

Here we explore the sense body. This is the intellect, the faculty of discrimination and determination. This knowledge is associated with the perceptions created by the senses which means that, understanding and knowing can be affected by how we perceive things through our senses. The intellect can be affected when we perceive our bodies through our senses.
Think of this Body as your own personal driver. If you are asleep in the back seat the driver will take you wherever he wants to. On the other hand, if you are awake you then tell the driver the journey you would prefer to have.
The work here will be on learning to use your senses to take you through life as you would prefer. Learn how to let sound, smells, sights etc. no longer dictate your experience.

60 MINUTES $125 • 75 MINUTES $150


Spiritual Body (Anandamaya Kosha)

Ananda is Bliss. This is also considered the Casual Body. This is the state found in the deepest of sleep. When you sleep lightly, the mind and the senses never really get a chance to hit pause. Even in the dream state the mind is working with the thoughts. Given a chance for deep rest the other bodies might quiet and you may arrive at Ananda, Blissfulness where you experience your truest self and only beauty exists. When you are able to access your Bliss body it is far easier to allow the other bodies to experience life without taking over and ruling your experience.
In this, the 5th body, the “work” will be with deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra.

60 MINUTES $125 • 75 MINUTES $150


5 Body Solution

This full program will take you on an exploration of all 5 Bodies to create some skills that can be called upon through your life. Some people need to work on one area, others simply need to create a skill in each category. Choose where you feel the need to begin.

5 WEEK PROGRAM (2 Hours each Session) $877 



For bookings or Corporate Programs:

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If you are unsure where you need to start please connect so I can better assist and guide you to the program that might serve you best at this time.
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