September, 2018

Yoga Alliance Certified

6 Student Limit for Training


Ocean Breath 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 100 Hour Foundations of Yoga Program (Immersion)

Intimate small Group training, creating intelligent, caring, empathetic teachers

Together we are all so much stronger and whole.

Join us on lovely Granville Island  to connect to body, breath, mind, heart and each other and discover the real power is your connection to what matters.  



Ocean Breath Yoga's 200 Hour Teacher Training is based not on a brand of yoga but on all styles and aspects of Yoga which create a well rounded, open hearted and balanced teacher. All the training will be with the teachers of the program allowing for a connected and consistent training which focuses on what we believe will be the knowledge which will allow you to take your practice to a deeper level and give you a grounded understanding of the challenges your students and yourself may face on their individual journeys.

In a world where so many encourage you to believe that theirs is the only, and right way, we would love to share the many styles which, when joined together create what yoga is, (yuj - a union) a connection to everything. Find the areas of practice which speak to your heart and develop from the ground up. If you teach from a heart grounded in knowledge you will not only give others a gift, but yourself as well.


Teacher Training and Immersion with Ocean Breath Yoga School, is a place of study for all ages, all bodies, all interests. If you have a desire to share your love of the practice with others and the gifts it shares with you, this training is for you.
If you want to deepen your Yoga practice and the understanding of how it can impact your life and others', this training is for you.
If you have always felt there is more to yoga than doing what a teacher tells you to, that instead it asks you to connect to your true self, your inner teacher, breathe deep and meet your life with equanimity and love, this training is for you.

Join us and let this be a first step towards a shift in your life. We love that we get to share this for the rest of our lives, what would you like to share?

If you decide that this is the training for you, here is your first yoga homework......Make the choice, commit and then really show up, body, mind and soul.  

If your are a Yoga Teacher this training will help solidify concepts you have learned in past 200 hour trainings. You can also take the second half (100 Hour Seat of the Teacher) to deepen your ability to communicate with and guide your students. These hours can be counted towards your your CU's with Yoga Alliance


Here is a little something to research "Atha yoga anushasanam".  Stop by and let me know what you found.  

...And if you got that one, here is the second Sutra."Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodha". What does it mean to you?

If you find your answer, maybe go a bit deeper and start to find what the 4 functions of the mind are.




Ocean Breath Yoga follows the standards outlined by the Yoga Alliance for each of the 5 educational categories.

Techniques, Training & Practice -

-          Learn key poses (asana) across the different pose groupings (warm up, standing, sun salutations, balancing,              seated & reclined leg stretches and twists, core, inversions and restorative)

-          Pranayama

-          Meditation

-          Mantra

-          Mudra


Teaching Methodology

-          Different learning styles

-          Sequencing

-          Supporting pregnant women and students with various injuries

-          Philosophy and approach to adjusting students

-          Class management

-          Business of yoga


Anatomy & Physiology

-          Functional anatomy & physiology as it relates to yoga

-          Energetic body


Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle & Ethics

-          How to apply key learnings from the Yoga Sutras & 8 Limbed path to our Western lifestyle

-          History of modern day yoga

-          Ethics for yoga teachers


-          Many opportunities to practice teach; starting with individual poses and concepts and working towards longer            sequences as training progresses. All students expected to teach complete classes in order to graduate.


Additional Homework &Tests and Personal Practice. This will be a training with a focus on teaching safe individualized, connective body aware yoga and how this connects to the full spectrum of Yoga.




Recommended minimum of 6 months practicing Yoga if considering the Foundations (Immersion). 1 year or more if you are considering teaching, with a willingness to extend and not rush your training before expecting to lead classes.
If you are newer to yoga, contact us at  and let us help you prepare for the training.



Email  and we will send you an application registration form and outline of remaining steps to enrollment.   


This part time program allows you to keep your weekly commitments to work and family while diving deep into yoga. 


·       September 28th, 2018 to ……..

·      There will be no classes if they land on a Stat Holiday.


 General Times:

·         Sundays    10:30 am – 6:30 pm

*Times may vary slightly on weekends depending on schedule.



Total program fees:

200 Hour $3550 + GST
100 Hour $1850 + GST 


Program fees include:

Application Fee (non-refundable):  
$565 + gst

100 Hour Yoga Foundations
$995 + gst
100 Hour Teacher Training                
$995 + gst

Other Program Fees*:                        
$995 + gst ($497.50 each 100 Hour session)

*Includes limited pass for the studio during the 200 Hour Training and/or for the 100 Hour Programs, course materials, student record administration, internal student and graduate YTT online community studio time for practice and practicum.

**Not included extra required reading materials, notebooks and journals open studio time beyond that provided by OBY.

Refund Policy


1) Refunds before the program of study begins:

(a) The application/registration fee is non-refundable.

(b) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Ocean Breath Yoga within 7 days after registering, and before the start of the training, Ocean Breath Yoga may retain 5% of the program fees due ($147.50 + gst).

(c) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Ocean Breath Yoga 30 days or more before the start of training (by January 18, 2017 or before) and more than 7 days after registering, Ocean Breath Yoga may retain 10% of total program fees due ($295 + gst).                     

(d) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Ocean Breath Yoga less than 30 days before the start of the training (January 19, 2017 or after), and more than 7 days after registering, Ocean Breath Yoga may retain 20% of the total program fees due ($590+ tax).


2) Refunds after the program of study starts:

(a) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Ocean Breath Yoga or a student is dismissed before 10% of the period of instruction has elapsed (18 contact hours), Ocean Breath Yoga may retain 30% of the program fees ($885 + gst).

(b) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Ocean Breath Yoga, or a student is dismissed after 10% (greater than 18 contact hours) and before 30% (less than <54 contact hours) of the period of instruction has elapsed, Ocean Breath Yoga may retain 50% of the tuition ($1475 + gst).

(c) If a student withdraws or is dismissed after 30% of the period of instruction has elapsed (greater than >54 contact hours), no refund is required.                       


3) Refunds owed to students will be paid within 30 days of Ocean Breath Yoga receiving written notification of withdrawal and all required supporting documentation, or within 30 days of Ocean Breath Yoga’s written notice of dismissal. 



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training &
100 Hour Foundations of Yoga Immersion
100 Hour Seat of The Teacher Training

Starts September 28th, 2018 and Continues to the end of 2019

Part Time
Once per Month
Sundays   10:30 am to 6:30 pm

Open practice space available. 
No Classes when schedule lands on a Holiday

WHO: Accreditation
Registered Yoga School (RYS200) with the Yoga Alliance
Your lead Instructors;
Beverly Akhurst, Director, ERYT 500 over 1000 hours training, more than 6000 hours teaching experience Owner and Lead Instructor of Ocean Breath Yoga Studio and School
Ara Cusack, ERYT 500 over 1000 hours training, Instructor in over 30 Yoga Teacher Training's,
Other Instructors:

Program Hours:
100 Hours (90 Contact & 10 Non Contact Hours)
200 Hours Total (180 Contact & 20 Non Contact Hours)

How Many:
Training will be capped at 6 students for the 100 Hour Foundations and 6 for the 100 Hour Seat of the Teacher Training. This is a training program that allows each individual time with the instructors as well as each other to encourage immersion in the individual experience. Ocean Breath Yoga believes that fewer students, over a longer period of time, empowers the individual to learn, experience, and create for the good of themselves first so that they are then better equipped to guide others on their journey.