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Ocean Breath Yoga and Movement


Upcoming Retreats


All Retreats are planned, and Retreat Centers chosen, to provide you with the best opportunity to immerse within comfort and peace surrounded by nature and a sense of the sacred.

This includes eco minded retreat centres and Yoga and Wellness practices designed to be reminders that we were each created as a part of nature, not interlopers simply acting as observers. When we remember this we all become healthier, less anxious, and more creative.
Time away from the aspects of life that make you feel like you are constantly surviving rather than thriving, provide you an opportunity to not only heal and recharge, but become everything you were meant to be.


Through The Rainbow:
Refraction and Reflection
(Bowen Island, BC)

October 31-November 3, 2019


Full Moon Reflection
Bali, Indonesia Retreat

April 5 - 11, 2020


The 5 Body Solution

You are far more than simply a physical body built of tissue and bones. This is your vehicle. You have more bodies that guide you through life. One is the motor, another the fuel, another the driver and then there is the you who should be setting the journey you wish to have in this life. Learn how to care for all these bodies so that you don’t stall out or lose control of the journey.


Practices (classes)

PRIVATE: One to One

Private Classes are the best way you can focus on learning to understand and rebalance your body, mind and soul. Beverly is known for her ability to interpret what she observes within each individuals physical presentation and guide them on a journey of exploration that builds their knowledge of, and ability to, interpret their unique needs. Onsite or at Studio.



A small number of Small group classes are available at Ocean Breath for those who would like to share the experience with others or who do not have the availability to attend Private Sessions. Due to the sharing of experience they are not as individualized but you will still learn a lot about your body and being as there will always be time given to questions and discussion.


Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy/Forest Wellness is a path to health which is not a new and miraculous discovery, but rather a return to something most indigenous and nonurban cultures have known throughout their histories.


For Teachers

You found a program to guide you on your way to becoming a yoga teacher so you could follow your passion and share it with others. Now you are out there teaching or trying to teach and you are feeling nervous, unsure, questioning your abilities or having trouble negotiating classes filled with every level of student.
Or you have been teaching for years but you may feel as if you lost your true voice or cannot connect your students to a worthwhile practice that fits their bodies, minds and lives. Maybe you trained a few years ago and now are ready to teach but need to refresh your abilities…………………


Corporate Programs

To inspire a healthy corporation you need to ensure each cell and being of that corps…the body is healthy.